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Greetings! The fourth newsletter is bigger stakes because…


I present to you:
One Door Closes, the cover reveal at Prism Book Alliance

Want to win a free copy of the entire Secrets of Neverwood anthology when it comes out? Hop on over to the above link and enter toward the bottom to win! While you’re there, check out the excerpt from One Door Closes and the audio reading of the first ten minutes.

As if that cover isn’t scrumptious enough…

Book Two cover reveal: The Growing Season
• Come see the Anthology cover design, as well as the reveal of Part Two of the Secrets of Neverwood with author Diana Copland. Enter to win a copy of the anthology upon release!

Book Three cover reveal: The Lost Year
• Author Libby Drew talks about the brainstorming of Neverwood, the house where our main characters grew up, and offers the chance to win a copy of the full anthology!

Additionally, all three books plus the Anthology cover are now up on my brand spankin’ new website.


The official blog tour, courtesy of the lovely and talented Pride Promotions. This blog tour will include stop-offs on a list of blogs, featuring reviews of the book, interviews with me, and excerpts from the text. Please come by and join the fun!
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Greetings all! Welcome to my second newsletter. ^_^

News on The Project!

It's official: One Door Closes has a release date! (And there was much rejoicing...)

June 20, 2014

On this date, my novella will be available as an eBook. If it sells well, paperback publication is the next step. I'm so excited I could spit!

Don't worry, though: I won't. Incidentally, if you can't wait for June 20th...


One Door Closes is available for pre-order at Amazon (trilogy ~ single) and Barnes & Noble (trilogy ~ single).

I know not everyone has an eReader at his or her disposal. I, too, am a big fan of the traditionally bound book. However, until such time as One Door Closes is available in this form, I can suggest some free eReader software for your personal computer.

Calibre (E-book management)

There are other free and not so free eReaders available. Of course, use your own discretion with downloading any programs, but I can personally vouch for this one. I've used it since 2011, and it has yet to do me wrong. ^_^


Audio recording of a section of the novella for your listening pleasure!

Ways to Stalk Grete

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Welcome to the first ever newsletter update on the works and publications of


Top Four Ways to Stalk Grete

(Being a Twit is so much fun…)

(Where I expound upon writing and life.)

(Click! Like! Oh my god, it’s like you’re in my bushes!)


News on The Project!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am thrilled to announce that my first book has been sold to Carina Press and is (tentatively) scheduled for release in June 2014!

(Please excuse me while I perform an interesting interpretation of the happy dance.)

This book is a contemporary romance. That said…

1. No bodices were harmed in the production of this novella.
2. There are no pirates acquiring high-born ladies or gentlemen in questionable ways.
3. There is no swashbuckling at all unless you count the irresponsible wielding of a set of house keys, but on the upside…
4. There is no eventual surrender to Stockholm syndrome by way of the nearest silken bower. Silver lining, thar ye be.

What there is: a young gay man who must juggle saving a house, gaining a family, and falling back in love.

When Calvin Ware's foster mother Audrey passes away and gifts him her ramshackle Victorian mansion, he figures he's got his hands full. He doesn't count on having to share the place with two of his foster brothers, and he certainly never meant to come face to face with the high school boyfriend he left behind a decade ago. But when unexpected demons from Calvin's past threaten his new home and his mother’s legacy, Calvin must decide just how important family really is, and how he chooses to define it.

The novella title is still unconfirmed, but the real carrot is that my story is just the first in a trilogy! The following two novellas are being written by my wonderful co-writers Diana Copland and Libby Drew, each telling the story of a different brother.

For those who are unfamiliar with Carina Press, it is Harlequin's e-publishing house. Yes, Harlequin. O.o I am very excited to have been selected for publication under this house's name on my first time out!

That’s it for Newsletter #1! Thank you from the cockles of my heart for being a part of my writing adventures.


G.B. Lindsey


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